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hubergroup launches new UV ink series for iron doped UV lamps

As an alternative to printing with oil based inks, more and more printing presses are being equipped with iron doped UV lamp systems for ozone free commercial and packaging UV-printing .

The hubergroup, one of the leading suppliers of UV printing inks, has developed a new UV offset ink series for this particular use, marked with the code HS and KHS.

Immediately available are NewV set inks for absorbent substrates and NewV poly inks for non-absorbent substrates (e.g. for in-mould labels).



The new collection of UV offset ink series have been designed for presses from the major press manufacturers, equipped with the actual available iron doped mercury lamp systems. For perfect performance on Komori presses with H-UV dryer system, the KHS series have been specially formulated and tested in close cooperation with Komori.

Compared to conventional oil based offset inks, prints from the new UV ink series are showing improved mechanical resistance, less carboning and much faster drying on coated and uncoated paper/board.

The series for non-absorbent substrates has excellent adhesion properties on various plastic materials, such as PE, PS, PVC and PP. Post print treatment like lamination and foil block stamping is possible without restrictions.

Excellent printability, optimum transfer, fast curing, simple handling on press, combined with good dot definition and colour shades in accordance with ISO 2846-1/12647-2 characterise these ink series.

The beneficial effect to the work place environment comes with production, free of spray powder, lower energy input and the ozone-free character of the lamps.

In addition to process inks, the NewV HS/KHS range includes high lightfast versions, basic PANTONE colours, spot colour inks, metallic inks and fluorescent inks.

Caption: Printing inks curing under iron doped Mercury lamps are very rare in the market

About the hubergroup:

The hubergroup is one of the world’s leading specialists for printing inks, coatings and press room chemistry, currently comprising 40 companies and more than 150 sites. The successful, family-owned enterprise with nearly 250 years of experience and expertise, manufactures high-quality products for packaging, commercial and news printing. With its 3600 employees, the group has realised a turnover of approximately 840 million Euro in 2012.

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