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NiceLabel offers free produce traceability solution to support producers in their effort to reach PTI compliance on time

nicelabel logoEarlier this year, Wal-Mart’s produce suppliers were notified about the upcoming mandatory compliance for produce traceability labeling. Starting January 1st 2014, any items arriving without the correct labeling will be rejected. All fresh produce delivered to a Wal-Mart (or Sam’s Club) distribution center has to be labeled with a case label that meets the PTI standard. NiceLabel has developed a free, easy to use online PTI label printing application for produce suppliers.

As the most wide-reaching industry initiative in the produce sector, the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) is designed to help the industry achieve supply chain-wide adoption of electronic traceability for every case of produce. Wal-Mart has been the first big player to make the move on suppliers, while NiceLabel is the only labeling software developer offering a free online application to meet the Wal-Mart PTI mandate.

“In order to support produce suppliers in their effort to meet the case label requirements now that time is running out, NiceLabel has developed a free and simple tool that allows quick PTI compliant online printing”, said Lee Patty, VP and General Manager, NiceLabel Americas.

The free online PTI label printing solution allows produce suppliers to easily print PTI compliant labels by entering their variable data, such as GTIN, lot, packing date, type and description etc., into a simple web form. The solution includes a pre-designed PTI label that automatically generates the Voice Pick codes which permit warehouses to reach near-perfect traceability. Produce suppliers can print their labels on any locally installed printer. Alternatively, they can download this same PTI compliant solution to their local system for offline use and connect it to their product information database.

Additional information on free online PTI label printing and a video presentation on how to print PTI compliant labels from a web browser is available at