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The Best is Yet to Come ! - don't miss the next BAPC Conference

The BAPC has a long history supporting the Print and Communication sectors. Sidney Bobb, chairman of the BAPC is passionate about print. "Our association is run 'by printers - for printers' providing a range of services and support," says Bobb. A key event in the association's calender is the annual BAPC conference. The next conference is planned on the theme “The best is yet to come" and will be held over the weekend of the 17th and 18thJanuary 2014 at the Holiday Inn, Elstree.

The BAPC conference has become one of the most popular networking events in the industry calendar. It attracts an eclectic mix of printers, suppliers, marketors and the media and a number of them have chosen to voice how important the BAPC conference is to them and the industry community:

John Charnock, Director of Print Research International Ltd

image "The BAPC conference is the best. You can't beat it for content and its most enjoyable. Sidney Bobb has an incredible ability to pull together the most insightful and exciting speakers. Any small to medium business in the graphic arts should seriously consider attending the event for insight and presentations that simply cover all the essentials of the graphic arts market. The 2 day event enables time to network and share experiences with other attendees, which is often the most important aspect. You do come away inspired and ready to try new ideas. I would highly recommend this conference to all."


Mark Yeung, Director of Duraweld

"The BAPC brings together diverse participants in the print industry and, through the annual conference, creates an opportunity for building relationships and sometimes making unexpected connections. We’ve found Sidney is always genuinely interested in helping his members where he can, and is a great source of insight into the print industry and its changing dynamics."

Gareth Ward, Editor of Print Business

"Attending the conference is time out – a time to meet industry folks away from the print shop or the office. It's a great place to pick up new ideas and share different viewpoints from both the speakers and other attendees. Because it's a mix of more formal sessions and networking away from the daily grind, it presents an opportunity to reflect - which isn't always possible when the phone is ringing and something needs sorting out. The BAPC is fundamentally an organization at grass roots, great for sharing experiences and the annual conference is always good value and worth attending."

Pat Holloway, Director of Independent Marketing Services

"Often we think that trade associations are a thing of the past. We perhaps relate to their role as an industry mouth piece for larger companies toward government agencies - but the BAPC is not like that at all. They are taking calls on a daily basis supporting the UK print industry in 2013 which is mainly SME style businesses. Sidney Bobb is a rare breed - a people person. Not only is he there for the members, he also works with other industry associations, trade press, manufacturers and suppliers. I would highly recommend the BAPC conference - its always fun and provides a platform to listen and to learn in a convivial atmosphere. You will not be disappointed!"

Freddie Kienzler, Managing Director of Formara

image "I have been going to the BAPC Conference since the mid 1980’s. Sometimes it is easy to think that since you have been in print for so long, there is not much left to learn but it is amazing how every year at the Conference I will pick up some new ideas or tips to help our business and our customers. With the astonishing pace of change facing all businesses at present, it is even more important to keep informed on ideas and how to take opportunities and benefit from them. The BAPC plays a crucial role in supporting SME’s in the Print Sector with a huge range of valuable advice and services all for a ridiculously low fee. This can be achieved since 99% of staff are volunteers and do it because we are proud of our industry and want to help others benefit from it in the way that we have. Most of what we do is driven by our hard working Chairman Sidney Bobb but if there is anyone out there who wants to join us in helping our industry then please contact us."

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