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UPM Raflatac offers The Label of a Reliable Choice at Labelexpo Asia

upm logo UPM Raflatac’s theme at Labelexpo Asia 2013, ‘The Label of a Reliable Choice’, highlights the product quality, attentive service and industry expertise trusted by the label printers and brand owners locally and globally. At the show, UPM Raflatac experts introduce new products developed especially for the regional markets in home and personal care, pharmaceutical, logistical, garment textile and direct food labelling.

New MDO film for contoured and squeezable packaging in personal care

Raflex Pro is a new 50-micron label film for personal care labelling. This thin MDO film combines the best properties of PE and PP: high stiffness for trouble-free label dispensing, good conformability to contoured packaging, and lasting squeezability. Raflex Pro is available in white as an excellent foundation for high-quality decoration, and in clear for quality no-label look branding. Options include a thin and robust 23-micron PET liner for the highest possible processing efficiency.

New imports and local production for safe food labelling

UPM Raflatac China is introducing adhesives and other food labelling materials imported from Europe. These materials are approved for direct food contact and certified by ISEGA and the FDA.  The coated papers in these labelstocks will also be free from harmful OBAs. UPM Raflatac is also launching locally produced PSA materials for food contact applications, including water-based and hotmelt adhesives, to serve the local market to European standards.

Multilayer logistics labels optimize supply chains and e-business

UPM Raflatac is also introducing a new innovative product for multi-layer information labelling to optimize supply chain processes and support logistical efficiency for e-businesses. This new labelstock product will replace conventional carbonless duplication sheets used in the logistics industry – improving tracking and tracing as well as inventory management.

Trusted technical performance for tyre labelling

From label conversion and dispensing through to tyre distribution and storage at the point of sale, tyre labelling requires the expertise of a leading labelstock supplier trusted throughout the tyre industry. UPM Raflatac is launching a range of dedicated products based on high-quality paper and filmic label faces with the renowned RH T adhesive specifically formulated for tyre labelling.

Special adhesives for HDPE automotive oil containers

Oil drums in the automotive sector are typically formed from rough, blow-moulded HDPE. In most cases these containers will be subject to temperature change during the filling process, causing them to deform to some degree. This places strict requirements on the label materials to prevent warping, bubbling, wrinkling or lifting. UPM Raflatac’s RP 50 and RP 77 adhesives have been specially formulated for use in oil drum and container applications, and are available with a range of specially selected paper and film materials.