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Customized Protection Against Counterfeiting: Schreiner MediPharm combines State-of-the-Art Security Technologies in one Pharmaceutical Label

imageFrom February 12 to 13 at the Pharmapack exhibition in Paris, Schreiner MediPharm will be showing how individual security features can be integrated into identification labels. The SecuMed sample label demonstrates the authentication possibilities offered by state-of-the-art technologies. Depending on individual requirements, Schreiner MediPharm can incorporate suitable overt, covert and machine-readable features to provide customized and reliable protection against counterfeiting and tampering.

Instances of counterfeit drugs are increasingly making headlines all over the world. Counterfeiting is a problem that does not just affect lifestyle drugs such as Viagra or medication that is sold via the Internet; it also affects prescription products. Schreiner MediPharm uses various security technologies to enable reliable authentication. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can rely on a set of security technology modules that suit their particular requirements. By integrating these modules into pharmaceutical labels on an individual basis, various different target groups – including security experts at pharmaceutical manufacturers, customs officers, pharmacists, medical professionals and even patients – can reliably verify the authenticity of drugs.

A Wide Range of State-of-the-Art Authenticity Features
The SecuMed sample label provides manufacturers insight into the various security technologies used to make it extremely difficult to counterfeit products. Several overt and covert security details, as well as digital features, are integrated into the label.

In addition to a complex hologram, the label features special color-shifting ink. ShiftSecure changes the color of the label depending on the angle it is viewed from, thanks to a combination of color-shifting security ink and latent images. The unique image motifs are easily recognizable. Color-shifting ink is also used to create the thermochromic print, which reveals hidden lettering when it is rubbed with a finger.

The covert feature LaserSecure can be integrated into graphic elements and inks. Based on the customer-specific formula, it acts as a visual fingerprint that can only be seen with the help of a reading device. Covert digital water marks or DNA Secure security technology provide proof that could be recognized as evidence in a court of law. Security die-cutting at the edge of the label also provides increased protection against tampering.

"Innovative Labels for Protection Against Counterfeiting" Talk on February 12
In his talk on "Innovative labels for brand protection – Securing the supply chain by thinking out of the box," Markus Bauss, Senior Sales and Project Manager for Schreiner MediPharm, will be presenting a wide range of anti-counterfeiting technologies in detail. Using real-life case studies and innovative solutions, he will demonstrate how to successfully meet the challenges posed by product counterfeiting in today's world.

Source: Schreiner Group