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iSys Label to Attend the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2014

iSys Label, Canadian developers and manufacturers of short to mid run digital label printers, has announced they will be exhibiting in booth #2008 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on January 29 & 30th, 2014 in Sacramento, California. Held at the Sacramento Convention Center, iSys Label will be featuring the EDGE 850, a short to mid run digital label printing solution. Developed with the user in mind, the EDGE 850 makes in-house wine label printing easy whether you need 50 labels or 50,000 labels.

During the show, iSys Label will be demonstrating two different options for printing wine labels, each with its own benefits. The first print method is full graphic label printing with the addition of variable information, all done in a single pass. The second is signature printing, the ability to overprint wine labels previously printed by an offset or flexographic machine.
Designed for wineries with multiple SKU’s, signature printing is best explained as a two stage printing process. Stage one is printing all of the static elements of the customized label such as the brand or winery name including foil stamping and embossing.


Stage two is overprinting using the EDGE 850 for the dynamic elements of the label design including variable data, images, and text. By utilizing this printing process, end users will be lowering their cost per copy and are capable of printing the exact quantities of labels they need on-demand. This ensures maximum print efficiency and minimizes inventory and spoilage of pre-printed labels not used for that year’s production.

watch a video of iSys Label’s digital label printers and signature printing, please click here
If you would like FREE ADMISSION to the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium or more information on iSys Label and their products, please contact

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