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Kodak Investment Helps Westdale Press Step Up Efficient Operation

Improved speed and operational efficiency as well as the ability to enable two departments to oversee smoother workflow prompted Westdale Press to invest in a number of solutions from Kodak.

The Cardiff business is currently completing the installation of a KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter, KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System, KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal and KODAK COLORFLOW Software.

The £19m turnover litho operation with 140 employees runs two sheetfed Heidelberg XL perfectors and a Heidelberg M600 web press. It produces a wide range of material from report and accounts and journals to catalogues and books, for large UK retailers and department stores.

“The decision to invest in the KODAK Systems was part of a long overdue upgrade of our prepress and repro facility,” comments Managing Director Alan Padbury. “A big driver was to introduce decent online proofing capabilities via KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System and KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal. So many clients now do not see a hard copy proof and Kodak provided one of the better online proofing options. It ticked all the boxes.”

Colour control with KODAK COLORFLOW Software was also a vital investment he states: “It is of paramount importance these days. You have to be able to accept proof from anywhere in the world and be able to match it on the press. You need colour control to ensure you are among the best in the world.”

He continued: “There were a number of factors that limited our existing system. We examined all the alternatives on the market and Kodak’s was the absolute best. A platesetter was on the cards too and it seemed sensible to buy that from our new workflow provider.”

Some may consider the introduction of a new prepress workflow a daunting prospect but not Mr. Padbury: “I know people approach upgrading their prepress in the same way they would regard transferring their banks accounts. They would be worried it would be a hassle and problems would arise. We have changed our prepress before and when we did we found it helped make improvements. We improved the way we and the business worked. Because there are changes in the technology it is a good way to sweep things clean and make positive changes to housekeeping.”



As for the decision to pick Kodak’s CTP he said: “I have been talking to Kodak on and off for years. The KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter is one of the most rounded and effective systems in the market place. It has a good reputation.”

Mr. Padbury is pleased with the results so far: “The solutions are installed and going very well. While it is still in its early days I expect to see two gains – the first will be in sheer speed, efficiency, ease of use and less general hassle. The second will be a spill over of this. Because it is so simple and easy to use we are hoping to be able to integrate certain production areas and day-to-day functions with the previously separately run reprographic department melding with prepress. This means it will be possible for both departments to carry out the same jobs and will ease the stress with more people able to handle fewer jobs better.”

The eagerly anticipated addition of KODAK PRINERGY Rules-Based Automation Software will also have a significant impact, he says: “We are looking forward to introducing RBA to help reduce costs and increase productivity.”

The key benefits of KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is its ability to enhance productivity in any printing environment for large or short runs. It uses JDF to share job data, imposition, and page assignment information with content preparation, production planning, prepress, and business systems. It helps reduce costs and build a more efficient environment with improved control and automation based on industry-standard specifications.

Working with Kodak has also been a positive experience says Mr. Padbury: “The thing I found extremely pleasant was the friendly and helpful way all the staff have been over the installation.”

Martin Mayo, Cluster Director UK & Nordic Vice President Kodak, EAMER, says, “As one of the UK’s flagship brochure and magazine printing houses that serves numerous well respected High Street names, Westdale Press knows only too well how important it is to offer a high-quality, efficient service. Kodak has a number of solutions that can help business such as Westdale effectively achieve just that while also improving their day-to-day operation. Once they fully integrate our software, particularly RBA, we look forward to helping them make even further improvements.”