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Nordvalls at full speed in Germany

nordvalls logo Almost a year after Nordvalls entered the German market, it looks like it was a successful move. Production has been consolidated, new customers have come on board and the sales figures are heading in the right direction.

"When we bought NN Etiketten's backlog of orders a year ago, we knew there was an opening for us on the important German market", says CEO Patrik Jenemark. Head of Sales, Norbert Schwick, who is based in the country, has, during this time, succeeded in ensuring trust among existing customers towards Nordvalls plus he has brought in some new ones.

Nordvalls in Sweden has moved production to the units in Kungälv and Sjöbo. At the same time, customer support in Sjöbo has been expanded with a German-speaking Indoor Salesman and the marketing material is now available in German.

"I believe we've managed the trust aspect well", adds Patrik Jenemark. All the figures are pointing in the right direction and we've laid the foundation for further expansion. "We're definitely in Germany to stay, so our next move will be to start up our own company which our business in Germany will go through in future", concludes Patrik Jenemark happily.

Source: Nordvalls