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Supply chain protection: logistics seals by Schreiner ProTech for variable marking and reliable authentication

Faked and pirated products, gray market trading and overproduction are increasingly putting brand owners under pressure. The logistics seals by Schreiner ProTech give manufacturers the chance to mark their products and spare parts for shipping and to additionally provide them with security features that prove the authenticity of the products, for instance with ShiftSecure, an innovative combination of color-shifting security inks and latent images that delivers a high level of counterfeiting protection.



Companies that fail to provide their products with adequate protection against product piracy along the value chain risk losing sales revenue, damage to the brand’s image and product liability lawsuits. The sample logistics seals demonstrate how variable marking can be efficiently combined with counterfeiting protection when shipping products and spare parts. Schreiner ProTech equips the logistics seals, which can subsequently be custom-printed for order-picking, with counterfeit-proof authenticity features. Together with the Schreiner ProSecure Competence Center Schreiner ProTech selects the suitable features that allow authentication by experts and consumers. Overt security features are used for visual inspections with the naked eye, providing users and customs officials with valuable information of whether or not they are actually holding an original product in their hands. Digital features serve the purposes of tracking and tracing as well as origin analysis. They can also be used in court as proof of authenticity. Covert features, such as special invisible inks, copy protection patterns or extremely small taggants make reliable checks by authorized parties, such as quality assurance and brand protection experts, possible.

ShiftSecure: high hurdle for counterfeiters with unique color-shifting effects
The new, patented security feature ShiftSecure combines the application of color-shifting security inks used in bank note printing with line-induced positive-negative images. While the color-shifting security inks, due to their specific pigment structures, change the perception of color according to the angle of vision, latent images produce an additional light/dark or positive/negative effect by means of extremely delicate line structures.  This makes it possible to emphasize individual pictorial or text elements which, depending on the angle of light and the angle of vision, reflect a particular image. This unique effect achieves high recognition value and allows both laypersons and experts to obtain reliable proof of authenticity.

BitSecure: high-resolution random pattern immediately reveals counterfeits
The BitSecure copy protection technology uses a high-resolution, cloud-like printed image with delicate details that cannot be detected by the naked eye. If a counterfeiter attempts to imitate BitSecure the copy, for technical reasons, loses precision and optical details. While the original is printed directly from a high-resolution digital file the illegitimate copy is based on a previously printed image. The significantly impaired quality of a counterfeit can be easily verified using a Datamatrix reader. The feature only requires an area of 12 square millimeters and can be inconspicuously integrated into the label design or even lasered directly onto the product.

KeySecure: web- and phone-based authentication
KeySecure is a modular tracing system that enables fast and reliable web- or phone-based identification. For this purpose, each product is provided with a unique encrypted code. The product is authenticated by entering the code on the manufacturer’s website or using a smartphone. For mobile queries, the KeySecure code is integrated into a 2D code. By means of a freely available barcode app the user reads the code with the smartphone’s camera and starts the fully automatic decryption of the code. The smartphone web surface can be used to provide additional product information addressing specific target groups.

The logistics seals are suitable for marking products and packaging in various sectors and can be cost-efficiently integrated into existing processes. They merely require a standardized infrastructure with a dispenser or thermal transfer printer.