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INX International Ink Co. Signs Operating Agreement with Chromatic Technologies Inc..

image Size and innovation are combining forces in a joint cooperation agreement which includes the impressive reach of INX International Ink Co. and the brand innovation capabilities of Chromatic Technologies (CTI). The global agreement is designed to offer the can manufacturing and packaging industries world-class customer service and specialty ink innovation.

Working in concert, the two companies will be a formidable presence: INX is the global leader in inks for beer and beverage cans, while Chromatic Technologies Inc. produces a variety of specialty inks, such as thermochromic, photochromic, ‘Reveal’ and security inks. CTI invented both how to apply thermochromic ink at high speeds to cans and the chemistry behind Coors Light’s cold refreshment guarantee: When the Mountains Turn Blue, It’s As Cold as the Rockies!™

“The new agreement between our two companies will help the packaging world see the most exciting ideas in specialty ink technologies,” said Rick Clendenning, president and CEO of INX International Ink Co.“ Bringing together two companies with strong technical and service teams will create an atmosphere where we deliver new, innovative ideas and technologies to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.”

“As a leader in the two-piece ink market, INX International looks to align itself with other market leaders,” remarked Jonathan Ellaby, vice president of International Operations. “This agreement with CTI, which has long been the pre-eminent provider of color-change technology to the can industry, gives INX access to leading edge color change technology and CTI faster access to new markets.” Lyle Small, president and founder of CTI, added: “Thanks to CTI’s aggressive R&D efforts to invent a range of new technologies, we’re now in an excellent position to partner with a company of INX’s caliber, global reach and technical support.

“INX and CTI seek to offer brands a new source of innovation supported on the international stage with world-class service and technical support,” Small emphasized. The announcement comes as CTI launches its ‘High Velocity Inks,’ following three years of research and development. These inks are a new invention in thermochromic chemistry that delivers more durable and powerful color in a smaller particle size. High Velocity Inks run at higher speeds, resulting in less waste while producing better yields (wherein one pound of ink prints more cans with the same artwork). By mid-2015, all of CTI’s thermochromic inks will have the advantages of high velocity technology. “High Velocity Inks offer customers improved operational efficiency, better color and can be stretched across various packaging formats. We anticipate this will obsolete all existing, first generation thermochromic inks,” added CTI’s Small.

INX and CTI will collaborate to bring new ideas to customers across diverse industries: beverages, dairy, security, children’s products, food safety and a range of consumer package goods. In addition to thermochromic technology, INX and their customers will benefit from CTI’s expertise in photochromic (light-sensitive inks) and other chemistry advancements that will allow packaging to help differentiate brands.

The innovation and services between the two companies will extend across multiple industries within the packaging and converting fields: cans, labels, film, folding cartons, tabs, crowns, closures and plastics to mention a few, and printing in a variety of ways including offset, gravure, and with conventional and ultraviolet printing ink technologies. CTI and INX will also provide “Innovation Incubator” services for select customers that offer access to proprietary consumer research, design services, and ideation for pipeline development. The two companies will continue to be owned and operated independently and negotiate separate long-term supply agreements.

Source: INX International Ink Co.