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Monday, February 10, 2014

Always at the forefront in the development of its product catalogues, Pixartprinting has now further expanded its offer in the labelling world. New materials, personalisable formats, white and silver print and much more, from selecting the gap to the direction of output of the label or the height of the roll. The aim? To offer, in the framework of a customer-oriented strategy, a product suitable for automated industrial labelling systems.



The labels created by Pixartprinting target a vast number of small/medium companies that have their own manufacturing department and that operate in different areas of industry, including food & beverage. As a result, it is essential for them to order labels that are compatible with the technology they use, so as to allow them to be processed in their existing production chain. Pixartprinting’s latest novelties have been design to fulfil these clients’ need for highly-customised solutions, while upholding all the qualities that have dictated the success of Pixartprinting’s labelling range: excellent quality, six-colour printing (CMYK + orange and green), option of different materials and short delivery times.



“In 2012 we inaugurated a dedicated printing department for labels, also for small batches or limited editions” – states Alessandro Tenderini, Managing Director of Pixartprinting – “Since then, we have registered growing interest, to the extent that the labelling market has become one of our most important segments, having invoiced 4 M € in 2013”.



Small window stickers, writable labels, labels for jars and bottles, stickers for promotional activities: Pixartprinting offers labels in many shapes and sizes, they can be personalised and totally customised. Two roll fed printing Epson SurePress L-4033A have been implemented, one equipped with white ink, and the SEI Laser automatic cutting system. “The Epson system is a latest generation inkjet solution: its productivity reaches 5m/min to facilitate both prototyping and the production of small batches of highly-personalised labels, enabling a remarkable reduction of costs and delivery times” – confirms Alessandro Tenderini – “The result is the production of quality labels, also in limited print runs, on a broad range of print media with scratch-proof performance and very competitive prices”.




One of the strengths of Pixartprinting’s label range is the roll fed format (33cm, 16.5cm, 11cm and 5.5cm): it is very much appreciated by customers who use automated systems to apply labels. Another bonus is the broad range of materials available, ranging from coated, non-coated and natural adhesive paper, to acrylic stickers, including deluxe polypropilene, silver and transparent, the latter also available with white print. Amongst the novelties, we should not forget the option of mirror image printing for labels that should be read on the sticky side for use, for example, on shop windows.

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