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STAR Plus high productivity label rewinder

At Labelexpo 2013 much interest was generated in the new productive and reliable rewinder STAR Plus designed for production of large quantities of simple labels that do not require an inspection system.

With this system, PRATI Company is expanding its presence in all areas related to self-adhesive labels.  STARPlus is ideally suited for production of low value-added labels in the logistics, weighing and pricing markets that guarantees the same repeatability, reliability, precision and endurance throughout a job. Those attributes not only apply to STARPlus but characterise all systems produced by Prati whose standards of excellence are recognised as the absolute best in the market.


STARPlus series represents the next generation of turret rewinders designed to work non-stop and inline with any narrow web press. This is a four-shaft star rewinder which, thanks to a special system for the automatic control of the rewinding tension, separate from the tension of the main machine, ensures utmost compatibility with even previous-generation rotary presses.

Save on all fronts

Based on an accurate servo-motor system with integrated tension control that not only provides high accuracy, STARPlus enables a reduction of energy consumption of up to 40% compared to other competitive products and enables use in continuous production environments encompassing multiple shifts. It always maintains a perfect feed into the machine and accommodates the newest ECO substrates that mainly consist of particularly thin flexible materials.

Extremely compact, STARPlus rewinder operates “glueless” so ensuring maximum cleanliness and no usage of consumables thus enhancing economic and environmental sustainability. The machine operates autonomously the processes of attachment, spacing, positioning and application. At the end of the rewinding phase, the coils are sealed with ID tags.

Fast format changes within a few minutes are executed thanks to fully automatic control of the cutting blade and label applicator. It only requires changing of the core and simultaneously setting a new cycle.

STARPlus comes with a wide range of accessories including automatic core loading. In addition, the new KERS system derives kinetic energy generated by the main printing press that otherwise would be wasted: a value-added economic and ecological feature that is exclusive to Prati machines.

Source: Prati