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Videojet keeping pace with flow wrapping

videojet logo Bakeries need to keep up with coding regulations

Regulation requires bakeries around the globe to include expiration and manufacturing information on their products, and flow wrapped products are no exception. Different technologies from a mechanical approach to digital printers are used to print these codes directly on the products. Primarily, codes are used to indicate the freshness of the product. A consumer will use a ‘best by’ or ‘sell by’ date to verify that a product is safe to eat. Additionally, this information can be used by retailers to remove expiring items from the shelf. Manufacturing information is also used for traceability purposes as these unique codes allow products to be tracked throughout the supply chain and be recalled should there be an emergency.

Some bakeries use coders to print different types of non-regulatory information on their products. For example, some print the price of the product directly on the package to avoid the additional step of adding it at the retail location. Other bakeries may print gaming information on the inside of the product for certain customer promotions. Coders can be used for printing other information including logos, nutritional facts, bar codes and ingredients.

To find out how different technologies are used to print this information directly onto products

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