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Californian converter invests in FB-3300S for booklet label production

Label Impressions, Inc. in Orange, California has invested in a custom-built FB-3300S flexo press to increase their booklet label production capacity.

"This press is called 'Origami', because we use it to do intricate folds for coupon and folded booklet work. 25% of what we do overall is for this particular market. 80% of our folded booklets, extended text, and coupon labels are for the trade: Flexo printers, offset printers, and brokers”, President Jeff Salisbury explains.  “We will produce high-end HD flexo prime labels, extended text labels, coupon labels, and folded booklet labels as well as label forms with this press".




The press is an 8-colour, 13" FB-3300S servo press with dual unwind, dual web guides, glue system, and UV- and water-based capabilities, with a cold foil system and rotary screen unit. The press is designed to dramatically reduce setup and run times.

“Several trends have led to a skyrocketing demand for extended text labeling," says President Jeff Salisbury. "A slower economy boosted coupon label usage and redemption and stimulated retail brands to utilise more on pack coupon labels to increase retail sales.  Increased FDA regulations and regulatory guidelines for personal care, agriculture, and food labeling, as well as a trend toward foreign sales of personal care products, have increased demand for additional content added to labels on ever shrinking package sizes. This is where the booklet label or extended text label comes in, and Label Impressions is well-qualified to meet these markets.”


Source: Nilpeter