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Counterfeit-proof, automatic vehicle identification with windshield labels by Schreiner PrinTrust

Infrastructure, traffic management, security and parking are the focal topics at Intertraffic 2014 in Amsterdam from March 25 to 28. Schreiner PrinTrust will be showcasing its label solutions for efficient vehicle management at the exhibition: ((rfid))-Windshield Labels for automatic access controls, electronic billing for parking facilities or toll roads, and efficient fleet management; counterfeit-proof toll stickers (vignettes) and labels for application behind glass that deliver reliable proof of authenticity and tampering protection.



Operators of parking facilities and toll roads as well as fleet managers require fast and reliable vehicle identification and authorization checks that make it possible for them to offer their customers convenience, security, and efficient service “on the move.” The labels by Schreiner PrinTrust for application to windshields and other glass substrates enable the reliable identification of vehicles. The combination of RFID technology with barcodes, logos and security features results in customized identification solutions for efficient vehicle management that deliver protection against copying and tampering.  

((rfid))-Windshield Label: automatic vehicle identification
The ((rfid))-Windshield Label makes contactless identification of vehicles possible. The label has been specifically developed for high transmission performance when applied behind glass and operates as a passive system without a battery. Thanks to the modified antenna the UHL label has a reliable reading range of several meters.  

Windshield sticker: counterfeit-proof documentation of fee payment
The stickers (vignettes) by Schreiner PrinTrust for application behind glass feature an adhesive coating that is applied on top of the print. The reverse side of the sticker has an opaque, white area, which can be provided with customized text. Various options are available to suit customers’ needs: stickers with time limitations, variably printable stickers for automated checks, or stickers to be voided by ticket punches. Integrated security features such as holograms, guilloche patterns or micro-text prevent counterfeiting.

Third license plate: tamper-proof vehicle registration label
The “third license plate” provides tamper-proof documentation of a vehicle’s registration and is used to prevent car theft. The self-adhesive seal has the size of a credit card and bears the vehicle data issued by the registration authority. An attempt to detach the seal from the glass destroys the holographic layer and print, thus protecting the seal against tampering and theft. 

Thanks to special protective films the stickers for application behind glass are UV-resistant and durable. Label sizes, colors and designs are customized to meet specific requirements. The labels are available either as permanently adhesive versions for use on specific vehicles or as detachable ones issued to individual holders on a personal basis. The experts from Schreiner PrinTrust will be pleased to explain the varied uses and customization options to Intertraffic visitors at the Schreiner PrinTrust trade fair booth.

Schreiner PrinTrust, Booth 03.408