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P.E. Labellers and IRPLAST created for Friesland Campina their first ever solution for heat-shrinkable labellers for tins.

Agreement reached between the Dutch dairy giant and the Florence-based label producer for a 300 million label contract for 2014. The labels will be applied on machines designed and supplied by P.E. Labellers, strategic partners of both companies for the project.



The pre-glued labels “Label Tape Shrink” from Irplast will be applied for the first time on tins : a solution which offers a tight fit on the containers, simple and cost-effective stock management, recyclable labels, and high-speed and efficient labelling operations. This is a completely new solution for tins and cans, allowing perfect adhesion of the labels shrunk on the cans for a durable labelling solution especially for the difficult environmental conditions along the supply chain like extreme temperature swings and uncontrolled warehousing temperatures. This first step will set a new trend in labelling for tins and cans in the dairy industry and for other high volume labelling applications on similar containers, well beyond the 300 million labels which Irplast will supply to Friesland Campina during this year. The machinery is all supplied exclusively by P.E. Labellers, who has pioneered this pre-glued application for tins in partnership with IRPLAST.

A powerful cocktail of Italian Technology has produced the first ever application of roll-fed, pre-glued shrinkable labels for tins and cans. Condensed milk from Friesland Campina on tables worldwide this year will have their traditional paper labels replaced by Italian labels applied by Italian machinery. All thanks to the agreement signed recently by Irplast, the Italian producer of labels and printed adhesive tapes, PE Labellers, a world leader in labelling machines headquartered in Mantova, and Friesland Campina, the Dutch multinational dairy company, which sees the three partners bringing to fruition a project to wrap over 300 million cans of condensed milk with shrinkable pre-glued wrap-around labels. The original need was identified by Friesland Campina who needed a safer and longer lasting solution to the stress paper labels were subjected to on the way from production to the final consumer, involving extreme temperature changes and long storage times.

“Our experience and specialization in P.E. LABELLERS – comments Bruno Negri, founder-owner of P.E. LABELLERS– allowed us to effectively team-up with Irplast, a long-time and trusted partner of ours for wrap-around labels, and certainly speeded up the critical phase of testing and finalizing the package. Of fundamental importance is the international footprint and profile of our company which allows us to ensure continuous specialist technical support to Friesland Campina around the world as we install and support these labelling lines on a very tight schedule with big volumes at stake. 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of P.E. Labellers and this kind of partnership fits perfectly with our company strategy to continuously identify new areas in the market where we can intervene, not just as an advanced technology supplier, but also as specialist consultants for putting together innovative solutions with new features”. Today P.E. LABELLERS is the only Italian company in the sector which has all its production processes rigorously in-house : from Research and Development to Design and After Sales service, they also encompass machine-shop carpentry, quality control, tooling and assembly, which significant and unique know-how in each department.

ADHESLEEVE® is the most innovative labelling machine in the extensive catalogue of P.E. LABELLERS, and it is the only machine of its type on the market today which can apply pre-glued shrinkable labels in a roll-fed solution onto tins. Specially designed for the Campina project (pre-glued labelling and shrinking on the container), the Adhesleeve permits the customer to obtain a shrink-fit label on his containers with the same finish as a shrink-sleeve label. The high productivity of the machine design (45,000 pieces/h compared to a market standard of 20,000 pieces/h) guarantees an excellent yield for big volume production, eliminating the need for the purchase of other parallel packaging lines. The project is the first design worldwide for 70,000 tins per hour using only two ADHESLEEVE labelling machines. The versatility of Adhesleeve, thanks to the use of roll-fed labels instead of sleeves, delivers immediately savings of over 40% on label raw materials and an even greater reduction of the environmental footprint of the labels used.

Source: PE Labellers