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POLAR gets vodka labels into shape

After a period of intensive selection Multipress finally decided in favour of the POLAR LabelSystem DC-11.  Founder and managing director Andrzej Rabenda comments: "I was convinced by the simple and fast job change on the DC-11. This makes our production not only very flexible, but also highly efficient. In addition, the system is extremely reliable."

Andrzej Rabenda, Christian Steiner Andrzej Rabenda, Managing Director of Multipress (left) and Christian Steiner, Regional Sales Manager at POLAR, in front of a POLAR LabelSystem DC-11

Rabenda also sees substantial advantages in the integration of the cutting machine and the die cutter. The POLAR LabelSystem has a four-fold output compared with the manual production - and needs even fewer operators. Due to the large range of sizes, Multipress is now able to produce all its formats on this system. However, the company not only produces die-cut labels, but also deploys the DC-11 LabelSystem for efficiently manufacturing square-cut labels.

Compucut® integrates both the precutting machine which cuts the label material to strips as well as the automated strip cutter Autocut 25. The sheet layout saved as a CIP file is directly sent to Compucut® via the Heidelberg Prinect Workflow. Compucut® then generates the cutting program and sends it directly to the cutting machines. This step reduces the time required for a job change even further.

In a highly automated process with minimum staff, POLAR's LabelSystem DC-11 can produce up to 960 packs within 60 minutes. A job change takes only 15 minutes. Thanks to the OnePunchRegister only one pack is required to adjust the cutting die to the printed image. Last but not least, POLAR is synonymous with ultimate square and die-cutting precision.

Premises of Multipress Drukarnia Premises of Multipress Drukarnia

With a staff of 120 Multipress Drukarnia is one of the top label printers in Poland. In the field of consumer goods, the company - founded in 1991 - concentrates its activities on the Polish market (FMCG in cosmetics, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and household chemicals) where Multipress focuses strongly on a combination of packaging and label. One of the company's core competences is the production of high-quality wet glue labels together with the matching packaging for vodka. In 2012, the company moved from Cracow city center to a new building near the airport, which has a direct motorway connection.