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Trust in Esko Kongsberg C64

Esko ( announces that in the coming months a Kongsberg C64 digital finishing system will be installed at Reproteam Hansbauer GmbH. The company, one of Austria’s leading service providers in digital large format printing, decided to invest in Esko's newest model of the completely re-engineered digital finishing platform for three reasons. Firstly, the unique 3.2-meter width which allows to seamlessly finish large format plates and textile materials. Secondly, the increased speed which matches the high speed of digital printing systems and thirdly, exact precision that guarantees accurate finishing up to a tenth of a millimeter, and as such improves output quality.


“We have never bought a machine without first testing it. But for the new Kongsberg C64, we make an exception. We trust Esko, and we trust that this innovative Kongsberg will once again do everything we expect from it, like all the other Kongsberg systems we have been using for years," says Michael Hansbauer, owner and managing director of Reproteam. "Among our clients are many stand builders. They prefer more and more printed panels and fabrics in one piece as this creates an overall image effect without any, or only very few, interruptions. Next to ReBoard, we also often process composite materials and plastics such Dibond® and FOREX® as well as AIRTEX® polyester fabrics.