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M&H Develops Process for Braille Printing

M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group, has developed a method of printing Braille characters directly onto plastic packaging. A high-build varnish is used to print the Braille dots directly onto the product using extremely accurate control measures to ensure the height of the Braille alphabet remains uniform throughout the packaging run.



Samples of the Braille printing have been analysed by the Royal National Institute of the Blind and measured against the Marburg and RNIB standards, confirming that the pack exceeds the BS EN 15823 standard.

Braille printing directly onto the product also has significant benefits over labels which can be easily damaged or peel off.

Although developed for Braille, this process can also be used in traditional screen printing allowing customers to highlight specific design features by using an embossed effect.

Source: RPC Group