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PIN protection solutions: highest security standard for “Chip & PIN” credit card mailers

From April 6 to 9, the International Card Manufacturers Association will be hosting the ICMA EXPO in Fort Lauderdale. One of the central topics at the exhibition will be the United States transitioning to the EMV standard in order to prevent credit card fraud and skimming by reading magnetic strips. The PIN protection solutions by Schreiner PrinTrust ensure that the personal identification numbers (PINs) reach the consumer without having been compromised. The opaque PIN covers deliver maximum processing and tamper security, customized design options, modular security levels, as well as ease of use by the consumer.


In the wake of the Liability Shift, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA are planning to enhance the security of electronic payments in the US market by adopting the EMV standard. The conversion to “Chip & PIN,” i.e. credit cards with integrated chip processors and PINs being entered to authorize transactions, requires solid preparation by banks and credit card companies, including secure mailing of the personalized cards and personal identification numbers. Schreiner PrinTrust offers an extensive of portfolio of tamper-proof PIN covers. 

Maximum security with PIN Safe labels
The PIN Safe label provides tamper-proof sealing of the PIN between two security labels. An opaque, neutral base label is initially applied to the mailer. After variable printing of the personal identification number, the PIN Safe label is applied on top of the PIN and effectively covers the printed code. The recipient of the PIN mailer exposes the PIN by simply rubbing off a protective layer. PIN Safe offers customized design options in terms of size and color. The central scratch field can also be provided with a holographic image. Standard or customized holographic designs are available. A partial peel-off effect is integrated into the colored film. As this void effect becomes visible when someone tries to peel off the label, even laypersons can immediately detect a counterfeiting or tampering attempt.

The PIN protection solutions by Schreiner PrinTrust meet the highest security requirements. Extensive tests by independent institutes such as FOGRA and PIRA have confirmed that thanks to the PIN Safe protection label personal identification numbers cannot be spied out by chemical or physical means without such attempts being noticed.