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Release Liner Update

Release liner is a key market segment which specialist global business-to-business market research, publishing, and advisory services company AWA Alexander Watson Associates assesses in its ongoing activities. The company has just published its 2014 Global Release Liner Market Update 2014. Across all market segments, it brings together the important facts on volumes, growth rates, market structure and regional characteristics, and raw material trends. It also shares the results of AWA’s annual ‘voice of the industry’ survey, which include globalization, M&A activity, sustainability and environmental issues, industry costs and profitability, and growth expectations by region.



The Global Release Liner Market Update 2014 is available now to order online at, and will shortly be joined by two new additions to the library of reports on release liner – 2014 editions of the company’s established in-depth North American Release Liner Market Study and Asian Release Liner Market Study, which partner the new edition of the European Release Liner Study published last year.