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Sustainable innovations for labelling and packaging

The casein-free adhesive Aquence XP 190 for the labeling of glass containers ideally complements the high-performance Henkel portfolio, while the packaging hotmelt Technomelt Supra 100 Cool exhibits the lowest application temperature on the global market.


Whether applied to a dry or a wet and cold bottle, the label sticks. And it stays stuck, even when exposed to ice and cold. Then, at the end of the cycle, the label can be removed without problem.

Next Drintec (September 16-20) will see many producers from around the world presenting their new technologies and concepts relating to the manufacture, bottling and packaging of beverages and liquid foods. Given the scarceness of resources and ever-increasing raw material prices, such innovative, sustainable product solutions have never been more in demand.

A high-performance alternative
Glass container and bottle labels are exposed to influences such as major temperature fluctuations and high air humidity, particularly in the summer. Labeling adhesives also need to offer the kind of stability that prevents labels detaching from a bottle in iced water or when exposed to condensation. However, it is also important that the label can be readily removed when it comes to cleaning the bottle. With its wide application and performance spectrum, Henkel’s casein-free adhesive Acquence XP 190 meets these requirements without being inferior in any way to casein-based adhesives. It offers good initial tack with fast curing and drying. It also exhibits very good adhesion, a fact that contributes to substantially reducing adhesive consumption.

Because Aquence XP 190 is casein-free, its price is not subject to the kinds of seasonal fluctuations that affect adhesives manufactured on the basis of milk protein. The casein price has been steadily rising for some time now, and has reached an all-time high in the last few months. And this trend is expected to continue as the demand from other sectors is also increasing while yield is dependent upon milk production. And experts predict that prices will continue to trend upward. Casein-free Aquence XP 190 therefore offers an efficient and economically sustainable alternative to conventional labeling adhesives for the beverage and liquid food industries.

The new record-holder among hotmelt adhesives
A further innovation from Henkel is the hotmelt adhesive Technomelt Supra 100 Cool, suitable for the bonding of packaging such as six packs and larger beverage boxes. Thanks to the bond strength of the hotmelt, such packages are able to reliably withstand high levels of wear and tear during transportation of even heavy bottles. And because of the cold flexibility of this adhesive once applied, the beverage boxes can also be stored in the refrigerator or a cool basement without becoming brittle.

Practical trials performed by consumer goods and beverage manufacturers have shown that, compared to conventional hotmelts, adhesive consumption can be reduced by 25 up to 40%. Furthermore, the low application temperature of Technomelt Supra 100 Cool reduces energy input by as much as 50%. Because of the shorter melting time, moreover, the packaging machinery can be started up more quickly, and the stress placed on machine components and applicators is substantially reduced. Combined with the advantages of the proven Supra product range, Technomelt Supra 100 Cool brings higher efficiency in the packaging process while at the same time contributing to more sustainability in the customer’s operation.

With the innovations of Aquence XP 190 and Technomelt Supra 100 Cool, Henkel is integrating innovation with sustainability while at the same time providing ground-breaking product solutions for the beverage and liquid food industries.

Source: Henkel Adhesives