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Algro® Vitess from Sappi ensures excellent printing results and processing properties

Newly developed paper features high brightness and dimensional stability.

Sappi Fine Paper Europe announces the commercial availability of Algro® Vitess, a new paper for flexible packaging. Coated on one side, Algro Vitess offers exceptionally high brightness and an outstanding dimensional stability.

Last year, Sappi invested over €60 million in the modernisation of paper machine 2 (PM2) at its Alfeld plant. This investment enables the company to achieve long-term, sustainable expansion of its range of speciality papers. The recently introduced Algro Vitess is a new paper for flexible packaging applications – Sappi Alfeld's response to growing market demand for a very brilliant paper that can meet the most stringent printing requirements.



Algro Vitess is designed for both flexographic and gravure printing. The development of this paper leveraged Sappi's expertise in optimum pulp composition and coating applications, as well as experience gained with its already- established Algro Finess®. Thanks to the newly installed head box on Alfeld Mill’s PM2, Algro Vitess offers excellent forming of the paper fibres, resulting in minimal blushing. The paper also offers exceptionally high web stability and very low shrinkage. These properties make further processing by converters, including printing, lamination and extrusion, highly productive. They also contribute to an optimised packaging process for branded goods manufacturers. Its highly stable running characteristics allow faster processing speeds and higher quality results to be achieved throughout the packaging supply chain.

Exceptional Print Quality for Multiple Packaging Applications

The extremely homogeneous surface of Algro Vitess ensures exceptional print quality. This, combined with its extreme brightness, delivers outstanding on-shelf presentation for branded packaging. The reverse side of Algro® Vitess is designed to offer very good anchoring properties for both adhesive and extrusion laminations.

Algro® Vitess is coated on one side and is available in various weights, ranging from 50 g/m² to 120 g/m². It is suitable for a wide variety of packaging applications, including dry food products, confectionery, tea, coffee and pharmaceutical products. Initial results from pilot projects confirm the excellent properties of Algro® Vitess and praised its high brightness and excellent print results.