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Bomapi makes a toast with Pixartprinting


The Sicilian liquor maker declares: #iusepixartprinting

Excellent quality, punctuality of deliveries, even the possibility of ordering prints in small amounts and highly competitive prices. These are the reasons which convinced Bomapi, Homemade Sicilian liquor maker, to choose Pixartprinting. The first meeting with the W2P specialist took place in 2010 “we had to print 100 table displays, too small a quantity for the traditional channels” – comments Pietro Giuffrida, Commercial Manager of Bomapi – “We therefore started researching on the internet, quickly finding the e-commerce company Pixartprinting. By searching online, we read various reviews and articles which confirmed the professionalism of the business; therefore we decided to go ahead with the order”. Their faith was repaid to the point that: “since that first order we have always gone back to Pixartprinting for any printing needs, ensured of the quality of results” – Giuffrida states.

Liquorini Bomapi

In business since 1998, Bomapi was founded as an “artisan laboratory” for the production of Liquors and Rosoli. The recipes of the Pistone family require the skilful use of citrus fruits, which find the ideal conditions to grow in abundance in Sicily. Thanks to Pixartprinting, Bomapi has been able to maximise its creative spirit, giving life to a young and fresh co-ordinated image, passed on through different product brands making them unique and recognisable, even if produced as limited edition products.

From display stands to roll-ups, from banners to fabrics, from labels to packaging: the graphics department of Bomapi, guided by Monica Maya Meli, has studied Pixartprinting’s catalogue over the years, always using new products and feeding their creativity with the proposals made by the business located in Quarto D’Altino. “We greatly appreciate the variety and the constant update of Pixartprinting’s offers, which we take advantage of thanks to the possibility to place orders even for small runs. In this way we can make graphics and prints ad hoc for each of our brands”- comments Giuffrida – “Amongst the most recent creations, the cut to shape polypropylene labels made ad hoc for our liquors. The result is a good quality label, characterised by a highly effective, dynamic and fresh graphic, just like our business. We are so satisfied with the result that we have decided to join a dedicated packaging to the label’s graphics, using the new pillow boxes by Pixartprinting. The product is seeing great success, so much so that we have quintupled sales without having added them to our catalogue yet”.

The recent improvement of Pixartprinting branded labelling offers the chance to maximise customisation of labels. Amongst the new options are: materials, customisable formats, white and silver prints. Bomapi hasn’t missed its chance to immediately test the new entries. The real flagship of liquor offers is the Amaro della Rocca, which has been at the forefront of a recent graphic restyling. “Our graphics department had a highly effective label in mind, printed on gold paper” – says Giuffrida – “we didn’t think that this request was so particular, but we found out that gold is very difficult to print. As always, however, Pixartprinting has proven itself a great ally, even with sophisticated requirements. We used the polypropylene deluxe silver printing with the selective white. The result was a high quality, shiny golden label. It was so effective that many customers called us to praise us”.