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MAXStick Products Ltd. and Martel Instruments announce new MAXStick Liner-Free Label Printer

image MAXStick Products Ltd., an industry leading supplier of liner-free, removable adhesive label products is proud to announce the release of a new MAXStick Liner-Free Label Printer. Equipped with our signature platen roller, the LLP1800 MAXStick Liner-Free Label Printer is crafted by Martel Instruments, a global manufacturer of custom printer image solutions.

Utilizing the latest innovative printer technology, the LLP1800 offers an “easy open” label roll feature as well as a wide array of customizable features such as Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth capabilities, numerous international character sets, barcodes and several different modes of operation. The new printer is designed to handle 58mm label media and can accommodate MAXStick liner-free rolls up to a 48mm diameter.

“Manufactured to extremely high quality standards at our UK plant, the LLP1800 can be fully customized and is available globally in any order quantity,” said Joanne Hockaday, Martel Instruments Commercial Manager. “The combination of our versatile, compact printer and MAXStick liner-free labels brings about a fantastic printing solution for a huge range of needs. Our first liner-free label printer is an excellent printing solution for MAXStick labels.”

The LLP1800 is the latest thermal handheld printer designed for use with MAXStick Products and is certified to work with the complete line of MAXStick liner-free labels. Martel Instruments will initially offer 55gsm MAXStick2GO Three Stripe and 80gsm MAXStick X2 Full Coverage Adhesive as label media options for the printer.

MAXStick is the world’s first liner-free, repositionable adhesive, direct thermal label product crafted for everyday use in an assortment of industries including food service/hospitality, warehousing, retail, libraries, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics. MAXStick is an environmentally friendly labeling solution that is recyclable, Silicone-Free and BPA-Free. It is currently available in six varieties including MAXStick Premium, MAXStick2GO, MAXStick Colors, MAXStick Plus, MAXStick X2 and MAXStick X2 Colors.

About MAXStick Products: MAXStick liner-free direct thermal label products are produced by Max International Converters, Inc. under a licensing agreement with MAXStick Products Ltd. MAXStick Products are distributed worldwide by MAX International and affiliated partners MAXStick is a registered trademark of MAXStick Products Ltd.

About Martel Instruments: Martel Instruments was established in 1982 and are a global manufacturer of thermal printers, which can be fully customized to meet the user’s needs. Martel offers a wide selection of panel, impact and mobile printers as well as custom mechanisms and accessories.

Submitted by: MaxStick