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Sleever International launches the LWPET, a new product that helps reducing the carbon footprint of plastic packaging

image Sleever International innovates and launches the LWPET, which enables to reduce shrink sleeve carbon footprint by 50%.

LWPET : a response to the sustainable development objectives of dairy manufacturers

On the dairy products market (drinking yogurts, probiotics, white and flavored milks, milk-shakes, creams) the use of polyethylene bottles associated with shrink sleeves tends to become a standard in shelves, especially for premium ranges.

In view of this rapid development, manufacturers show concern about the environmental impact of their plastic packaging and try to reduce it.

Sleever International has joined with their thoughts and invented for them a new product, the LWPET, which allows 50% carbon footprint reduction.

LWPET : the new LWPET shrink sleeve with 50%carbon foot print reduction

This new product is based on 3 developments resulting from the integrated expertise of Sleever International: a new PET film (SI-PET-KF/20-E*), a specific flexoffset printing technology and a new sleeving equipment, the SleeverCombisteam®- LWPET.

The unique association of these 3 technological platforms today allows Sleever International to propose the new LWPET shrink sleeve with 50%carbon foot print reduction.

SleeverCombisteam®- LWPET : a turnkey solution

Sleever International provides dairy manufacturers with a fully operational turnkey solution, that integrates the manufacturing, the processing and the application of the shrink sleeve. This solution allows for the full or partial labeling of bottles ranging from 5 ml to 1 liter and thus meets most of the needs of the industry.

Developed for the dairy market, the LWPET also opens new possibilities for household cleaning products packed in HDPE bottles.

Source: Sleever