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Brazilian Flexcoat Labels purchases a Gallus RCS 430

Equipped with five flexographic, six offset and six screen-printing stations and both cold-foil and hot-foil embossing units for surface finishing, the Gallus press is primarily used to produce FMCG labels for cosmetics, food and personal hygiene applications. A rotary embossing unit for relief embossing, a die-cutting unit with cutting depth adjustment (including rewinding), two unwinding units and two conditioning units with web-cleaning system and corona treatment provide the ideal finishing touches for the new acquisition.

The family Jocionis, owner of Flexcoat Produtos Auto Adesivos Ltda, gives an insight into their decision to purchase the Gallus press: “We aren’t prepared to compromise when it comes to our understanding of quality, technological know-how and productivity. Selecting the machine system was ultimately an easy decision to make, because the Gallus RCS 430 meets all the requirements for the production of special applications with two-ply labels. What’s more, our press operators have been totally won over by its ergonomic design and easy handling.” The modular concept of this machine system ensures that the printing units can be inserted very quickly at any location in just a few simple steps without separating the web. The robust design of the Gallus RCS, combined with cutting-edge drive and control technology, optimises long-term print quality and reliability in production.

Flexcoat Labels has been working closely with Gallus since 2011. That was the year the company, with a workforce numbering 25, purchased three Gallus machines at once – two Gallus EM 280 presses and a Gallus RCS 430. This investment laid the foundation for a sound, long-lasting business relationship between the two companies. “Nowadays, it is increasingly important for a business partner to be both reliable and flexible. The proximity of the Brazilian Gallus sales and service organisation is also a key factor for us when it comes to ensuring good co-operation. With its global sales and service organisations, Gallus was the ideal choice for comprehensive on-site support. All in all, we can sum up our experience as extremely positive and can confirm that investing in Gallus presses has brought Flexcoat Labels sustainable growth and will no doubt continue to do so,” concludes the owner family Jocionis.



The newly acquired Gallus RCS 430 will be installed in the Flexcoat Labels production halls at the end of this year.

Marcelo Zandomenico, Managing Director of Gallus Brazil, is delighted about the trust placed in Gallus by Flexcoat Labels and the successes achieved not only with this company but throughout Brazil’s label market. “I’m convinced that the economic and quality assurance credentials of Gallus machine systems and our focus on the specific needs of our customers are the key features that enable Flexcoat Labels to stand out from the competition,” he stresses.

The newly acquired Gallus RCS 430 will be installed in the Flexcoat Labels production halls at the end of this year. It goes without saying that Gallus will once again be on hand to ensure the commissioning process goes smoothly

Source: Gallus Group