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Colordyne announces 2600 Production Class Series upgraded print engine technology

Colordyne Technologies (CDT) has introduced the 2600 Series, an upgraded print engine powered by Memjet™ technology, for its Production Class Digital Color Printing System and flexo retrofit program.

The 2600 Series upgrade brings several value added benefits to the Production Class Digital Color Printing System, including:

  1. Faster speeds: Run at full speed, up to 225 feet per minute (69 m/min; 45 ips), regardless of image content (160 ft/min, previously)
  2. Improved print resolution: 1600 x 1375 dpi (up from 1600 x 1200 dpi)
  3. Enhanced print quality: Send uncompressed files directly to the print engine
  4. More powerful RIP: Faster data processing; no need to pre-RIP
  5. RIP and print on-the-fly: Eliminate time to first label
  6. Job chaining abilities: Switch print jobs continuously without stopping the machine
  7. Industry-standard Harlequin RIP (HDS) Frequency Modulation (FM) Screening
  8. PDF workflow: No need to change file formats
  9. Larger ink containers: 55 L ink tanks per color an option (in addition to current 10 L ink tanks)


G. Falconbridge

"The 2600 Series of Digital Production Class Printers raises the bar for quality and efficiency in comparison to our existing 1600 Series product line," said Gary Falconbridge, CDT President and CEO. "Colordyne has not only increased image quality through improved resolution and screening but has also significantly increased print speed. Providing new and existing installations with the quality and throughput they have been looking for in the digital printing market."

The 2600 Series print engine technology can be retrofitted onto existing CDT 1600-PC Laser Pro, Rotary Pro, and Sprint units. The new 2600 Series print engine has been automatically fitted on all CDT engines built since the second quarter of this year.

Submitted by; Colordyne