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Edale’s first training day a huge success

Edale hosted their very own training day on 17th June and the response received was overwhelming with spaces filled within 48 hours of issuing invitations.

This one day course was held at Edale’s head office in Hampshire and included presentations and practical training from supporting companies Fujifilm, Cheshire, Lohmann’s, Reproflex3 and Alphasonics.

The aim of this course was to train supervisors, pre-press personal and operators in the different variables that could improve print quality and how to implement them.

Companies who attended were split into smaller groups to allow more one on one time. Half the day was spent listening to presentations and participating in interactive discussions and the other half of the day was based in Edale’s showroom alongside Edale’s FL-3 flexographic printing machine with hands on experience and practical sessions.

Edale’s account manager, Louise Bailey, comments “It was great to see so many people getting involved, engaging not only with the suppliers but also each other in group discussions and on the press. As the day concluded the positive feedback was exciting to hear.”

Attendees were impressed with the various subjects covered that contribute to improving print quality and also the information that was available on new technologies to assist this, “What a great day, the interaction was consistent, the atmosphere relaxed and I gained a good insight to improving our print quality”” mentions one of the attendees.

Edale will be holding their next training day in October “How to improve productivity” and with spaces already being filled Edale are looking forward to another successful day.



Edale’s print and technical services manager, Darron Shimmons, leading a small group discussion