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Increase Revenue, Speed and Quality: Panther Graphics Adopts KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetter and SONORA XP Process Free Plates

image Panther Graphics, Inc. a full-service print communications company based in Rochester, N.Y., is utilizing two of Kodak’s newest offset technologies to meet customer demands for high-quality and sustainable print at a competitive price. The combined economic and environmental benefit of an investment in KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetters with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates has become increasingly popular with printers around the world. Panther Graphics is one of many companies to identify the advantages of this powerful combination and experience impressive return on its investment.

The KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetter is a robust, entry-level output device that delivers high image quality with excellent reliability and consistency. Based on the successful KODAK TRENDSETTER Platesetter platform and Kodak's TH5 thermal imaging technology, the ACHIEVE Platesetter brings high-quality imaging at an affordable price.

As print jobs become increasingly customized, offset printers are finding themselves drawn to solutions that deliver quick turnarounds while maintaining a high-quality product for the customer. The union of the ACHIEVE Platesetter and SONORA XP Plates allows Panther Graphics to eliminate the plate processing step entirely, while adding a high-value platesetter. This combination delivers significant cost savings.

“By removing all chemistry, water, equipment, energy, and waste related to the processing step with SONORA XP Process Free Plates, we have been able to slash our prep time in half and have experienced an overall throughput jump of over 30 percent,” said Daryll “Tony” Jackson, President and CEO of Panther Graphics. “We’ve found that SONORA XP Plates increase our capacity to grow by allowing faster, more reliable, high-quality jobs. The ACHIEVE Platesetter is faster and more reliable than Panther’s former platesetter. The decision to pair these two advanced technologies was an easy one.”

The switch to SONORA Plates and the ACHIEVE Platesetter has had more than a bottom line benefit for Panther Graphics. With a process-free plate, there are no health concerns of constantly handling large batches of processing chemicals, and no environmental ramifications of their disposal. Not having to handle these chemicals is an added benefit for the press operators. As the movement towards sustainable manufacturing gains momentum, this is an attractive characteristic to both printers and consumers alike.

Printers are increasingly looking to technological advancements to provide them with the competitive edge. The combination of a high-value platesetter and industry leading process-free plates has given Panther Graphics increased flexibility and production capacity that has resulted in visible improvements after only a few months. As more printers look for solutions to streamline their business, the combination of the ACHIEVE Platesetter and SONORA XP Plates is a promising option.