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Prize for Sospechoso Wine


Gráficas Varias has won the Digital Brand prize for labelling and packaging for the label design of the wine Sospechoso [Suspect]. The label was produced by the Morera Studio for the Dominio de Eguren winery.

A key element when purchasing a bottle of wine is the label, which gives the consumer information. A good design, in addition, attracts the attention of the consumer, often resulting in a successful sale.

Given the eloquence of the name, the company sought to find a design which illuminated this key feature, thus a series of 6 different labels were designed, each with the face of a different ‘suspect’, giving the consumer the opportunity to select the bottle which suits them best.

Simple, original and as straightforward as a police line-up. The labels were printed using Manter’s Cast Gloss White 80 Paper on a digital sequence with flexographic varnish and embossing.

Source: Manter