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RELEASE LINER: A North American market profile by AWA

image North America commands 30% of the global release liner market, of which 45% is currently in the production of labelstock, and is poised to grow at an overall healthy rate in the medium term of around 3%. But, as the newly-published North American Release Liner Market Study 2014 explains, that growth will come primarily from market segments other than labeling, such as medical disposables, graphic arts materials, and tapes.



In-depth analysis

This is the fourth edition of this in-depth market study from AWA Alexander Watson Associates, global market research and marketing consultants specializing in the paper, film, packaging, coating, laminating and converting industry. The study’s research tracks change in the North American release liner industry in the context of global competition; changing preferences for release base and silicone systems; pricing and profitability; end-use markets; and M&A activity.

For a broad readership

The North American Release Liner Market Study 2014 represents a factual overview of the diversified release liner market for all concerned in the industry, and for those considering investment in it. Full details of the study are available on the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website,, where the report may also be ordered online. It complements the new edition of the European Release Liner Study published last year, and the new 2014 edition of the Asian Release Liner Market Study.