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The 34th FINAT Label Awards Continue to Excel

FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive labelling industry, announced the winners of its 34th label awards competition at the award ceremony of its annual FINAT congress in Monaco. There were 241 awards entries representing 49 companies from 25 countries, including two newcomers this year, Ile de la Reunion and Latvia. The quality of the entries has been maintained at a high level once again.



Innovation Group Winner Schreiner Pharma-Tac-Plus-Label

Chairman of the judging panel was industry expert Mike Fairley (UK), standing in for Tony White, who was unable to assist due to health issues. He was joined by the judging panel regulars Murat Sipahioglu (Turkey), Steve Wood (UK) and Rik Olthof (Cartils, The Netherlands). This year they received additional support from Bill Bruce (editor and Bernard Plat, past president of the French label association UNFEA.

The judging experience

"To work and talk with the other experts provided a valuable opportunity to gain insights about the label industry and the people involved”, said Mike Fairley. "It's always challenging to determine which label is better than another, and why, but seeing some of the best labels that have been produced gives a valuable overview of just what can be achieved by those printers at the top of their game. To see and understand the amount of work, skill and effort that goes into producing a label with up to 12 print and process stages is quite stimulating. Having said that, a label in just two or three colours or processes can have just as dynamic an impact," he concluded.



Best in Show and Printing Processes Group Winner Multilabels UK_The Irishman Single


Marketing_End Uses Group Winner Collotype Griffith La_Boheme_Act_Four

Best Show and Group Winners

The Best in Show and Printing Processes Group winner awards went to Multi Labels, United Kingdom for “The Irishman Single Malt” label. This label received consistently high marks from the technical and design judges. At first glance this label looks simple to produce but the facts tell another story. The generous use of delicate gold hot foiling especially in the signature and reversed out areas is worthy of note. The fact that 10 colours were used to achieve the finished result along with embossing and varnishing in a single pass is testament to the degree of control required to produce this label to such a high standard. A combination of the best attributes of the flexo and screen processes have produced the result which merits the Best in Show.

The Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner is Collotype Labels – Griffith, Australia for De Bortoli Wines – La Bohème. This is a very attractive label with an opera theme. The complexity of the flowers surrounding the central figure adds an extra depth to the finished result. The use of a subtle buff colour surround encapsulates the main figure very well. The six colours were printed using offset lithography and finished off with a satin varnish.

The Non-Adhesive Group was won by Masterpress S.A., Poland, for Heineken The Future – Limited Edition. This sleeve has immediate eye appeal with stars in abundance! The use of silver foiling makes the label stand out on the bottle. Using 9 colours, UV and solvent flexo and gravure makes this a complex label to print.

The Innovation Group winner was won by the Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG,Germany for Pharma-Tac Plus label. As usual the entries in this category are fairly complicated, this one is no exception. Basically it combines an information booklet integrated with two peel off parts for documentation purposes and a strong hanger allowing the bottle to be suspended on a rack. Using 9 colours and a combination of printing processes this label offers a solution to an ongoing medical issue of providing information along with the infusion.

Group Entries and Top Countries



Highly Commended

Total No. Awards

Total No. Entries

A. Marketing-End Uses





B. Printing Processes





C. Non-Adhesive





D. Innovation











The top ten countries entering and winning awards include:

Turkey         39       12 awards (31%)

UK               28        11 awards (39%)

Poland         25        10 awards (40%)

Germany      20         7 awards (35%)

India            13         4 awards (30%)

Switzerland 11          5 awards (45%)

Greece        10          5 awards (50%)

France         10          3 awards (30%)

Spain             9         4 awards (44%)

Austria          9          1 award (11%)

Category Winners in Marketing/End-use Group (A), Printing Processes Group (B) and Non-adhesive and linerless Group (C)

There were no category winners in group D (Innovation).

A. Marketing and End-use Group:

· Wines: two joint winners: Collotype Labels, Australia for Pocketwatch Cabernet Sauvignon and Collotype Labels – Griffith, Australia for De Bortoli Wines – La Bohème

· Alcoholic Drinks: Litho-Bru SA., France for Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai "étiquette effet miroir"

· Food Products: Cabas S.A., Greece for Rhyton – Cretan Thyme Honey

· Cosmetics: Doga Etiket, Turkey for Elsève Extraordinary Oil

· Pharmaceutical: Pragati Pack (India) Pvt. Ltd., India for OrthoZen 500ml

· Security: Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany for Authentication Label

· Booklets: Arca Etichette, Italy for Pivetti Impasta & Vinci 2013

· Promotional labels: Multi Labels Ltd, United Kingdom for Printers Proof Gin

· Sets of Labels: There were joint winners in this category: Permapack AG, Switzerland for I Am Deo Roll-on 50ml and Marzek Etiketten + Packaging, Austria for Cserszegi Pálinka

B. Printing Processes Group:

· Flexographic Printing: St. Luc Labels & Packaging, Belgium for The King’s Ginger

· Rotary Letterpress: Çiftsan Etiket, Turkey for Carjen Hand & Body Cream Moisturizing

· Screen Printing: Çiftsan Etiket, Turkey for Imaj Hair Gel Hardest 750ml

· Digital Printing: Flexiket A/S, Denmark for Chorizo med Jalapeño

· Combination Printing: Multi Labels Ltd, United Kingdom for The Irishman Single Malt

C. Non-adhesive and linerless applications

· Sleeves: Masterpress S.A., Poland for Heineken The Future – Limited Edition

Selection World Label Awards

Later in the year FINAT will be selecting the best labels from this year's winners to represent FINAT in the forthcoming WLA judging which will take place the day before the Labelexpo Americas show opens in Chicago in early September 2014.

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