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VEGAPlus CORE for linerless converting

image VEGAPlus CORE is a special finishing system from Prati that has been designed and built for feasible use of the revolutionary self-adhesive linerless CORE.  Support for labels without release liner is the brainchild of ILTI company that produces labeling systems, Ritrama, a manufacturer of self-adhesive materials and Prati who provides technical collaboration for appropriate converting lines.

The system of Core Linerless Solutions® (CLS®) consists of a self-adhesive film, produced by Ritrama.  A thin film of PP film on a release liner is printed on traditional rotary narrow web presses at maximum speed without the need for die-cut. Once printed, the roll is transferred to the finishing line VEGAplus CORE from Prati ( that transforms the self-adhesive material CORE to a single web roll without liner support.

Without going into details of this operation, VEGAPlus CORE enables precise web tension control followed by the application of adhesive to the liner with the original layer of silicon. When leaving the VEGAPlus line, the silicone is on the outside as in the normal self-adhesive process. The initial release liner is now an integral part of the label that encapsulates and protects the printed surface. This makes it unnecessary to take further protective measures. At this point in the process, VEGAPlus die-cuts the label and micro-perforates via its patented Catchpoint technology. The final result is a roll of linerless labels ready for labeling. The roll can thus be sent to the Dispensing Center of ILT. The company specializes in labeling systems that contributed to the creation of this revolutionary substrate within the field of self-adhesive labels.

Benefits of linerless CORE

CORE is a linerless material based on an innovative concept that will revolutionize production of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging. It consists of a thin film of PP on a release liner, branded Core Linerless Solutions® (CLS®) and is manufactured by RITRAMA.

Apparently more expensive than a traditional support with release liner, this method presents a number of advantages to converters and end users considering that nowadays the number of labels equals the amount of waste. This equation no longer holds true with the linerless CORE.

Actually, the system eliminates the costly issue of disposing of waste and liner; it reduces storage and transport costs as its rolls are of small diameter (same diameter on almost double length) and weigh much less than traditional media.

A further advantage is the increased printing speed thanks to the absence of die-cutting on press. In addition, converters should not underestimate the reduced environmental impact within production and disposal, as well as transport resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

Converters and end users have already been able to verify the significant savings and benefits via trials that can be achieved with the CLS system at Prati’s Converting Center and ILTI’s Converting Service Center. This encompasses the overall costs of labels, not only in logistics. Not to be forgotten is the contribution to green ecology that a choice like this offers

Source: Prati Company