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Comexi Group renovates the Comexi NEXUS One mode

The solventless laminating machine, which is currently manufactured in the Comexi  do Brazil plant, has been sold in over 130 companies since it was launched in 2004.

The Comexi Group, a leading specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging industry, has redefined its Comexi NEXUS One laminating machine to adapt it to the new market requirements. As a result of the company’s strategic line in innovation material, its renewed external design conceals several improvements that have been made to this solventless laminating machine, which has sold more than 130 units since it was launched in 2004. 




The high performance properties it offers converters and its easy-to-use design distinguish this renewed model, which allows a greater response to solventless laminating needs in the flexible packaging conversion industry. Its improved compound reliability and increased specifications make the Comexi NEXUS One a simple laminating machine that can withstand long workloads maintaining maximum quality. 

The optimised Comexi NEXUS One works at a maximum speed of 350 m/min, with a maximum web width of 1330 mm and a reel weight of up to 800 kg. The laminating machine adapts to a maximum rewinding diameter of 850 mm and a maximum tension of 200 N, while for unwinding the diameter is also 850 mm with a maximum tension of 250 N. 
Novelties in quality and ergonomics

In this new laminating machine converters find four points to highlight above the rest, and which reveal the Comexi Group’s innovation capacity. To improve the job quality, the Comexi NEXUS One includes a laminating unit made up of three rollers that produce even laminating, without air bubbles; a heated steel cylinder, another one with a smaller diameter coated with high density rubber, and a third back pressure roller. Another significant point is the exhaustive web tension control thanks to the pneumatic compensators installed in the rewinder and unwinders.

However, for the Comexi Group, quality and productivity go hand in hand. That is why their technical team has perfected the machine elements to make the laminating machine more ergonomic and facilitate the operator’s work. Firstly by including a metering roller with a sleeve extraction system; and secondly, as each of the four rollers in the applicator body is motorised independently, this streamlines the cleaning operation and reduces the work changeover time.

Source: Comexi