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DiMS.NET! -MIS/ERP with fully automated Imposition

With DiMS.AutoImpose!, DiMS! organizing print bv headquartered in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands extends its full integrated DiMS.NET!, the newest version of their fully integrated MIS-ERP – solution.

„Direct connection from Order management to PrePress“

„The imaginary Wall to PrePress gets permeable“

Industrialized, integrated and mainly automated processes are a necessity in times of price erosion and smaller margins and returns in today’s print- and packaging industry, crucial to survive.

The order volumes will always be smaller but more diverse. With shorter delivery times the processing times from order, availability of data, printing and production are reduced considerably. More and more jobs have to be processed as a consequence.

With DiMS.NET!, DiMS! has a fully integrated solution for the market that has taken an active response towards these trends for years and provides companies in the print- and packaging industry with the most powerful and efficient MIS/ERP–solution they can find, all on a single central database.

With the introduction of its new DiMS.AutoImpose!, DiMS! completed the next step to integrate and automate prepress processes in their MIS/ERP solution.  Already in the calculation of an respective order – and at a very early stage -  the relevant impositions are automatically available so that no extra operating cost for pre-press are necessary. Immediately after importing the print-ready PDF's into DiMS.AutoImpose! - the order can be directly forwarded to the plate production. More and more, the order administrator gains full control on the relevant customer order, fully and comprehensively supported by DiMS.NET! and DiMS.AutoImpose!


Including automated, flexible nesting and ganging, by simultaneous consideration of substrate, paperweights and delivery date of each individual order, DiMS.AutoImpose! will automatically setup the print form for the appropriate printing machine, created directly and send out from DiMS.NET!. And , as always taking into account the optimal allocation of jobs on the template and print form by simultaneous consideration of the most cost-effective production path.

The times are gone, where you had to choose among hundreds of different imposition templates or started to think, what jobs are alike and can be combined with each other.

DiMS.AutoImpose! can be used both in commercial, digital-, label as well as packaging printing.

A corresponding prepress -application can be still used by prepress specialists, still providing the possibility of switching back the full automatic production proposals if necessary, for example to bring in additional flaps, very quick and easy. Or to create additional, customer dedicated special templates to make those available for his colleagues, if this at the end is really necessary.