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Flint Group introduces Ultraking® Shrink U,for the expanding shrink sleeve demand in label and food packaging for the North American Packaging Market.

image The introduction of these shrinkable ink systems designed for offset printing reinforces Flint Group’s commitment to provide innovative solutions to the label and food packaging industry.

Shrink sleeve labels are becoming increasingly popular among brand owners with a 7% growth rate globally. “The ‘HD’ or high definition, 360º, colourful, eye catching graphics have proven highly attractive to consumers as indicated by the successful share trend of adopting brand owners,” notes Tyler Newsom, Flint Group Product Manager, Sheetfed Inks North America. “The ability to now print shrink sleeve labels via lithographic offset with Ultraking® Shrink U expands the market to converters without flexographic capabilities.”

The shrink-ability of the film can be described using the degree of shrink of the film. Oftentimes, the film before shrinking has a total free shrink from about 70 to 110%. The shrink-ability of the films used in the packages provides a tight fit around a container. The sleeve has to shrink by up to 70% to fit the bottles and/or tubes. “Ultraking® Shrink U gives the latitude to have the highest shrink values without cracking and powdering,” according to Rodney Balmer, Flint Group Director of Global Research & Product Development, Sheetfed Inks.

The “U” stands for Universal. Ultraking® Shrink U is suitable for a wide range of shrink films including PETg, PVC, PLA and OPS. The EB versions allows for printing on heat sensitive films such as microfoam. “Ultraking® Shrink U is also ideal for paper and board applications allowing for a true one system solution for the label converter,” adds Rodney Balmer.

Source: Flint Group