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KODAK SONORA Plates Reach Growth Milestone with 1,000th Customer

Kodak today announced that it has reached a significant milestone: 1,000 customers have adopted KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates that remove the plate processing step completely without sacrificing the quality or productivity of traditional mainstream processed plates. Printing companies around the world have embraced the technology enthusiastically, leading to a rapid growth in the number of SONORA Plate customers in 2014.

Kodak’s 1,000th customer for SONORA Process Free Plates is Reynolds and Reynolds, an Ohio-based leading printer of forms for automobile dealerships. Reynolds and Reynolds also provides software and services that help dealerships manage business operations.




“We are seeing rapid growth in KODAK SONORA Plate adoption with customers energized about making the switch to process free,” said Rich Rindo, General Manager, Worldwide Graphics Marketing, and Vice President, Graphics, Entertainment & Commercial Film (GECF). “This 1,000th customer milestone is further evidence that Kodak’s recent worldwide manufacturing investments are well timed and vital to ensuring our customers’ continued success with SONORA Process Free Plates.”

Due to the unprecedented growth in demand of the KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates, Kodak recently announced several investments to meet customer demand. The company has announced that it will open a new plate manufacturing line at its Columbus, Ga., facility dedicated to producing SONORA Plates and has added SONORA Plate manufacturing capacity to its plants in Osterode, Germany and Xiamen, China. These investments will provide more capacity and make worldwide production more efficient, in addition to allowing Kodak to deliver better customer service to printers in every region.