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image Komori Chambon has been supplying web offset presses for more than 100 years in the label/packaging markets.
A new step has been taken by the Komori Group. To rationalize production, he has decided to move the Komori-Chambon offset press manufacturing process to Komori’s state-of-the-art Tsukuba factory in Japan. Thus, Komori’s worldwide known web offset technology will reinforce Komori-Chambon’s expertise.

This decision will strengthen Komori-Chambon available resources in France with regard to other Komori-Chambon Tailor-Made offers such as:
-   Gravure lines for tobacco packaging, flexible packaging and labels.
-   Special flexo units
-   Converting in or off line systems (rotary dies, dedicated stackers, label cutters)

Komori-Chambon factory will focus on these activities to increase its production capacities and further develop its know-how. Komori-Chambon will still be in charge of engineering (spare parts, modification/upgrade supply, existing lines services) and commercialization of the full range of products all over the world. This collaboration will promote the synergy between Komori-Chambon and the parent company.

Komori and Komori-Chambon are striving to keep the KANDO saying, meaning “beyond expectation” and “always looking for a complete customer satisfaction”.