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image Sidel has announced its early participation in the development of LiquiForm™ technology. LiquiForm is a patented blow moulding and filling manufacturing technology that uses the consumable liquid instead of compressed air to hydraulically form and fill plastic containers on one machine simultaneously, significantly reducing cost and waste. It has the potential to be employed for a wide range of beverage products.

“Sidel is committed to providing the beverage industry with the most sustainable packaging solutions,” says Mart Tiismann, President and CEO of Sidel Group. “Where we see opportunities to develop innovative new technologies we will do so. Our participation in the development of LiquiForm is the latest example of this approach. Although still at a developmental stage, the technology has the potential to address some key improvement areas for our customers in the years ahead, including potential significant energy and cost savings. The LiquiForm technology is also the latest example of PET’s flexibility as the most sustainable beverage packaging material.

Together with Amcor, we are pleased to be one of the first partners to help develop this innovation for the benefit of the entire beverage industry. We now look forward to working with the future partners of LiquiForm to industrialise and commercialise the technology for the benefit of all industry participants, including both suppliers and producers.”

Other interested potential development partners can now get involved in industrialising and commercialising this technology by signing up at


  1. I love the energy and cost saving potential of this new technology but is anyone else concerned that by using the actual consumable liquid to mold the plastic container might leach chemicals into the end user's drink?


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