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Toppan Cosmo Inc. in the USA implements DiMS.NET!

Toppan Cosmo Inc. in MCDONOUGH, Georgia USA, a subsidiary of the global acting Toppan Cosmo from Japan, installed with DiMS.NET! the latest version of the fully integrated MIS ERP - solution from DiMS! organizing print B.V., Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands.

"Printing as a means for creating a more comfortable Living environment"

Toppan Cosmo combines the best of printing, coating and design technology with its gravure printing processes to offer environmentally friendly decorative film to satisfy all their customers’ needs in the furniture and construction industries. Toppan Cosmo is a lifestyle – partner for the industry by integrating environmental components for design and living.

With DiMS.NET!, a business-process-redesign and automation of all processes and internal structures is taking place, by having real-time information from all areas of both locations available at any time.

About Toppan Cosmo Inc.

Founded in 1988, Toppan Cosmo, Inc. today with its two corporate locations in MCDONOUGH, Georgia and MORGANTOWN, Philadelphia, the company operates primarily in the production of decorative surface materials. As a subsidiary of Toppan Cosmo Japan, founded in 1961, this company belongs as a branch to Toppan Printing in Japan.

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