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Amcor announces revolutionary LiquiForm™ technology

image Amcor announces today, the launch of a revolutionary new technology. LiquiForm™ uses the consumable liquid instead of compressed air to hydraulically form and fill the container on one machine simultaneously. By combining the forming and filling processes into one step, LiquiForm™ dramatically simplifies the manufacture of rigid plastic containers for a wide range of consumer products.

Amcor developed the LiquiForm™ concept in 2006, and subsequently set up a joint venture which owns the patented LiquiForm™ technology and related intellectual property. The joint venture has signed agreements with Sidel, an industry leading manufacturer of bottling machinery, Yoshino Kogyosho Co, Japan’s largest plastic bottle manufacturer, and Nestle Waters. Amcor and Sidel each own a 50% interest in the joint venture.

For consumer product manufacturers, this breakthrough is expected to reduce capital costs and improve operating efficiency and product quality. LiquiForm™ delivers a reduction in operating costs of up to 25%, reduced manufacturing risk and greater flexibility in container design.

The joint venture will issue licences allowing machine manufacturers to produce and sell equipment using the LiquiForm™ technology. Global demand for new blow molding and filling machines for which LiquiForm™ would be suitable is estimated to be approximately 800 machines per annum. The joint venture will target a significant portion of that annual demand for conversion to the LiquiForm™ technology, and the first full scale operation is expected to be commercialized in two to three years.

Amcor’s Managing Director and CEO, Ken MacKenzie said: “I have been in the packaging industry for over 20 years and in my opinion, LiquiForm™ has the potential to be one of the most important breakthrough technologies in liquid packaging."

“This technology will transform the rigid plastic container manufacturing industry, providing significant benefits to all players throughout the value chain."

“LiquiForm™ is an outstanding example of how Amcor is translating its deep understanding of the needs of customers and consumers into new and improved ways of operating. Innovation is a core value for Amcor, and this break through further establishes the Company as an innovation leader in the packaging industry.”