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SIDEL organises ‘Value Creation Day’ to present global and local industry trends to beverage producers in Nigeria

In line  with its commitment to familiarize local  producers with the latest technological  innovations in the packaging industry,  Sidel,( a global provider  of liquid packaging solutions, announced  today that it will host a one-day event  for its existing and potential customers in  Nigeria to discuss local trends,  developments and opportunities for  growth. The event will be held on the  9th of September at the Sheraton Hotel  in Lagos.


Sidel's Value Creation Days are held globally helping beverage producers create value worldwide

Nigeria in recent years has proved to be  a fast-growing market in the beverage  industry. With its quickly industrializing  urban centers and booming population  growth, the amount of disposable income  held by consumers has been steadily increasing, allowing the beverage industry to flourish. Both multi-nationals and local providers have been looking to capitalize on the favorable economic conditions of the market whose size was estimated at almost 24 billion liters in 2013, with an anticipated CAGR rate of 11.7 percent over the 2013-2018 period.
"Nigeria has quickly become one of Africa's most important economies with a huge

Clive Smith

Clive Smith, Zone Vice-President of the Greater Middle East and Africa region at Sidel

population that needs to re-hydrate many times each day. It has been a very competitive market place with strong consumer demand on added-value beverage products. Innovation in packaging is, therefore, key to gaining that competitive edge," said Clive Smith, Zone Vice-President of the Greater Middle East and Africa region at Sidel.
"For bottlers, this environment is challenging in many respects and they require a global but local partner to help them keep their lines running. Our "Value Creation Day" is designed to enable our many and varied customers in Nigeria to understand better, how we may help in this endeavor. Not only do we present latest PET innovations, but we will also focus very heavily on what service we can offer, not only from our global organization but also from our substantial local base here in Nigeria, creating value all the way," he added.
The Value Creation Day will serve as an opportunity for Sidel to inform approximately 100 of its biggest customers in Nigeria about the new technologies and services that the company is offering. C-level speakers will give presentations on themes ranging from industry trends to latest innovations in packaging solutions such as the new StarLite base mould, hot filling and aseptic for sensitive products as well as after-sales services. Sidel will have different speakers to open discussion on the market trends and the new solutions to help producers adapt to the shifting market.
Distributed by African Media Agency (AMA) on behalf of Sidel International.