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FLEXcon Bridges Gap Between Paper and Films with Expansion of THERMLfilm NEXgen Product Line

image Topcoated polypropylene film provides an affordable, high-performance solution for durable labeling applications.
FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the expansion of the THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ product line, offering new topcoated polypropylene films that provide printing converters with the perfect balance of performance and price.  These new thermal transfer printable polypropylene films, along with certain other THERMLfilm NEXgen products, utilize an aqueous acrylic adhesive coated on a 50# kraft liner manufactured from up to 30 percent post-consumer waste.
THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ polypropylenes are ideal for applications that require durable labeling beyond the performance of traditional thermal transfer printable papers at a competitive price point. These applications include kanban systems, inventory tracking, recyclable shrink wrap, electronics and appliances, as well as labeling in the transportation markets. UL/cUL-recognized THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ polypropylenes are available in 2 mil clear and 2.3 mil white.
“Since the introduction of THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ with the industry’s first post-consumer waste release liner in 2012, FLEXcon has seen significant interest from converters in a topcoated polypropylene film that can bridge the gap between paper and film and also offer a greener solution to the market,” said John Bennett, vice president, Product Identification Business Team, FLEXcon. “THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ polypropylenes deliver optimal performance at a price point that will not break the bank.”
The topcoat optimizes printability with thermal transfer resin and wax/resin ribbons, UV inkjet, flexographic, rotary screen, rotary letterpress and hot stamping. THERMLfilm NEXgen polypropylene products are competitively priced to other UL-recognized polypropylene constructions on the market. For more information about the THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ product line, click here.