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FLEXcon Introduces REFLECTAmark PM 400 White Reflective for Enhanced Visibility and Safety

imageFLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the availability of REFLECTAmark® PM 400 White Reflective, a 2 mil clear polyester film with 2 mil glass bead reflective coating. The film has a higher reflectivity value than typical promotional grade products and testing has proven that it can successfully scan more than 80 feet with many industry long range barcode scanners. REFLECTAmark is ideal for long range barcode scanning in warehouse applications and is optimal for safety and visibility applications for durable goods.

“We designed REFLECTAmark PM 400 White Reflective with the diverse needs of our customers in mind,” said John Bennett, vice president, Product Identification Business Team, FLEXcon. “Not only does this solution deliver greater reflectivity and visibility than most other promotional glass bead products on the market today, it can be topcoated for almost any print method and can be produced in multiple colors.”

FLEXcon currently has two standard stock products available:

· FLX# 54552 - REFLECTAmark PM 400 White Reflective V-344 50K-6

· FLX# 55420 - REFLECTAmark PM 400 White Reflective V-344 90 PFW

REFLECTAmark utilizes a high-performance adhesive that provides a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces and is backed with either a 50 lb. kraft roll form liner or a 90 lb. polycoated layflat liner. The solution is outdoor durable for two years, is inherently thermal transfer printable and can be topcoated for both conventional and digital technologies.

This reflective film can be ordered in standard colors and can be special ordered to a PMS color match for specific applications.

For more information about REFLECTAmark PM 400 White Reflective, click here.