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Hariss International Wins Big With Sidel Packaging Design and Technology

Sidel's Modulomold™ technology and packaging design expertise helps Riham brand win an AfriStar Award and Medal

Sidel a global provider of liquid packaging solutions, today announced that Hariss International Ltd, a leading African producer of mineral water and soft drinks under the "Riham" brand name, had been awarded the AfriStar Award and Medal for the unique design of their bottles. The bottles were blown using Sidel's Modulomold technology, and their design was optimized and tested by Sidel's packaging experts.

Bertrand Cottard Business Development Manager - Blowing and Packaging Sidel receiving the AfriStar Award

The award was received by Bertrand Cottard, Business Development Manager - Blowing and Packaging at Sidel, during the ceremony that took place on the 10th of September in Nairobi, Kenya, alongside the East AfriPack Exhibition.

Over the past few years Sidel has established a significant presence in Africa, which is today one of the fastest growing markets for its businesses globally. The company has been collaborating with Hariss International since the latter's inception in 2005 and has been providing it with complete production lines and various equipment, supported by a range of services including packaging and preform design to help create unique bottle designs for the company's brands. The Modulomold technology features different mould inserts, allowing producers to easily produce customized bottle shapes with quick 30-second changeovers.In addition to utilizing the Modulomold technology, Hariss International's innovative and engaging bottle designs were also tested and validated by Sidel's packaging experts, who have decades of experience at optimizing and qualifying PET packaging for different supply chains globally.

Sidel's Modulomold technology and packaging design

"Sidel has had a long relationship with Hariss International, and we're delighted to hear that Riham has been awarded an AfriStar. The award reflects our continuous efforts to provide our partners with quality services and innovative products. Sidel's vision has always been to adapt packaging to the goals of the end product and consumer, and the Modulomold method is a perfect example of this. We look forward to continuing our work with Hariss and help them reach new levels of achievement," said Georgios Diakakis, Regional Commercial Manager at Sidel.

The AfriStar Awards, run by the African Packaging Organisation (APO),featured over 25 participating companies from eight different countries. This new awards competition is designed to showcase the very best of the African packaging industry. The judging criterion rewards entries that demonstrate excellent application and execution of packaging through the use of creative design, marketing or technology. AfriStar Award winners automatically qualify for entry into the World Packaging Organization (WPO) WorldStar Awards.