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Plastic Suppliers, Inc. Launches New Heat - Stable Shrink Label Film

imagePlastic Suppliers, Inc. (PSI), a Columbus, Ohio-based manufacturer and distributor of bio - and petrochemical -based films, announced it has officially launched its new Polyflex® transverse direction orientated (TDO), heat -stable oriented polystyrene shrink (OPS) label film for shrink label converters in the Americas and Europe.

The Polyflex TDO, heat-stable OPS shrink label film features less than 0.4 percent shrinkage at 95º Fahrenheit (35ºC) for 24 hours.

The new heat-stable OPS label film also offers virtually the same shrink curves and machine direction (MD) growth as PETG-based shrink film, making it an even more attractive alternative, since existing OPS already adds a more than 25% increase in yield over PETG. “

Recognizing how critical heat stability is to our customers, PSI is proud to now offer a product that withstands this level of heat and still maintains integrity related to shrinkage and printability,” said PSI CEO George Thomas. “

In addition to high shrink, our new film has an MD growth of 3 percent, eliminating the unsightly wrinkles, smiles and frowns prevalent in the base and neck areas of many bottles and cups today.”

The new Polyflex® OPS shrink label film delivers a number of other critical attributes including superior printability across all printing processes using both water -and solvent -based ink systems,a soft feel for the consumer and lower shrink force versus PVC and PETG, which further prevents bottle and  label distortion after application.

“We don’t recommend shrink films of any substrate be exposed to high heat for extended periods of time, but when that does occur, our new Polyflex™ TDO shrink film ensures that it is highly unlikely the end user will experience any difficulties applying the labels,” said Francisco Cavalcanti, PSI ’s vice president of technology.

The new product is available in 50μ, 45μ and 40μ thicknesses and in both low, medium , and high shrink formats.