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Polyonics High Performance Label Materials to be displayed at Label Expo Chicago

imagePolyonics will exhibit its full line of durable label materials for harsh environments at the upcoming Label Expo show in Chicago, Illinois September 9th through September 11th in booth #3617.

Visitors will learn first hand about pressure-sensitive materials for electronics, automotive, aerospace & metals processing industries.  Furthermore, visitors will be educated on antistatic protection, flame retardant properties and the benefits of using laser markable materials for the most unique applications.  Label materials to be on display include:

  • Polyonics printed circuit board label materials have proven to exceed the harshest requirements found in lead free reflow & wave solder environments for PCB and component processing.
  • Flame retardant properties ensure label materials do not act as a source of fuel for propagating fire.  Polyimide (XF-603) and polyester (XF-611) label materials have been tested to meet the UL94 VTM-0 standard for flammability.
  • Polyonics new family of laser markable label materials (LML) represents the next generation in high temperature, harsh environment label technology. Black and white LML products are constructed from highly durable polyimide films that can be ablated with a wide variety of popular low power lasers.
  • Polyonics has added two flame retardant wire markers based on polyimide film to its wire and cable marking product line.  The XF-641 (white) and XF-647 (yellow) are thermal transfer printable materials equipped with an ultra-aggressive acrylic adhesive which allows these markers be utilized as a flag identifier (PSA to PSA) or uniformly wrap around a wire or cable for identification and tracking.
  • The XF-610 polyimide tag is designed for barcode or alphanumeric identification of extremely hot materials. These tags withstand the high temperatures encountered in metal processing applications and exhibit excellent tear resistance.
  • The XF-781 (1mil) & XF-782 (2mil) antistatic materials meet all the durability requirements of our standard PCB product line plus offer: Low Peel Voltage, Low Surface Resistance and Quick Static Decay.

Visit Polyonics at booth #3617 for samples, literature or to speak with a technical expert to answer any questions you have.