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Polyonics Introduces Low Cost Laser Markable Label Solutions at Label Expo

Polyonics has teamed up with Primera to provide customers low cost, highly durable laser markable labels (LML) for high temperature and harsh environment applications. The new Primera LP130 Laser Marking System provides a compact, production-ready system that's simple to operate and easily ablates the Polyonics recently released XF-537 and XF-670 black laser markable polyimide label materials. The combination provides customers with the lowest cost entry point for generating labels specifically designed for long term exposure tohigh temperatures, high levels of abrasion and strong chemicals.


Polyonics Laser Markable Lable Materials

Polyonics new family of laser markable label (LML) materials represents the next generation label technology for the rigors of harsh automotive, aerospace, IUID, PCB and UDI applications. The LML materials are available in both the UL approved XF-537 for PCB applications as well as the GMW14573/GM6121M tested XF-670 for low surface energy applications. The Polyonics LML materials can be easily ablated and cut by a wide variety of low power CO2, YAG, Fiber and UV lasers to produce high contrast linear and 2-D bar codes and alpha-numeric characters.


Primera LP130 laser marker

The Primera LP 130 is designed to be used on desktops and workbenches, making it as convenient and easy to operate as traditional ink-based label printers. The Primera LP130 contains a high power fiber-coupled laser module, developed in concert with Coherent that easily ablates the Polyonics polyimide LML materials and delivers all the advantages of highly-durable laser marked labels at a significantly lower cost compared to other laser systems.

Visit Polyonics in booth #3617 at  Label Expo

Visit Primera in booth #6521 at label Expo