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Smart labeling – efficient processes: Schreiner ProTech to showcase RFID labels for metal and functional labels with added value

Schreiner ProTech will be showcasing its portfolio for the automotive industry at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg: RFID labels for metallic substrates, self-adhesive venting systems for efficient ventilation of component housings, protective films for simple processing operations, as well as film-integrated conductors for touch panels. Schreiner ProTech also makes appropriate printers, readers and dispensing systems available to its customers to ensure optimal integration into existing process chains.

RFID labels for metal and high-temperature applications
((rfid))-DistaFerr SL Labels are optimally suited for effective reading of data on metallic products such as housings, components and containers. They achieve excellent read range of up to four meters on metal with label sizes as small as 50 x 22.5 mm. Additionally, the ((rfid))-DistaFerr HighTemp is a heat-resistant version that easily withstands the paint shop and drying processes up to 230 degrees Celsius and achieves up to 2.5 meters of read range. Direct on-site programming and thermal printing of the labels ensures flexibility of use in mass production, assembly or logistics operations.



Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS) for venting
PCS HighProtect consists of a film and membrane and effectively equalize excess pressures and vacuums in component housings. They provide water- and dust-proof covers for holes that will resist steam jet exposure, and even oils and fuels will bead up and roll off the surface. The flat PCS design results in significant space savings. In contrast to complex plastic injection-molded parts this self-adhesive seal requires less material, which makes the film-based venting system a low-cost alternative to cap solutions. 

Protective films for cost-effective product protection
Protective films are suitable for effectively covering components of various shapes, sizes and designs. Properties such as adhesion and peel-off force or temperature resistance can be customized according to the manufacturing process and desired protective function. The films are manufactured either for short-term application or for permanently covering diverse surfaces, resulting in tailored protection that is available at low cost and requires only a minimal investment of labor.


Die cut metallized films for flexible uses
By creating conductors from die cut metallized films Schreiner ProTech has achieved an innovative solution to produce functional films for flexible uses. Even complex contours with tight tolerances are achieved using state-of-the-art die cutting and printing techniques. For instance, the technology makes it possible to produce conductors for flat and flexible structures that are integrated into touchpads as capacitive keys. The self-adhesive films can be optimally applied behind curved and high-grade design areas due to the thin, flexible, yet robust material composite. A transillumination of the capacitive touch keys is possible as well, providing a solution that optimally combines design and functionality.